HTML and JavaScript

Of course, all people who are knowledgeable in the field know that HTML isn't a programming language.  But that doesn't stop anyone from trying to get an HTML page to display its own code when viewed in a browser, especially now we have JavaScript to assist the process.  Unfortunately, this first one is a cheat.  It works in Internet Explorer 5.x, and generates an almost identical quine in Mozilla.  It fails in Netscape 4.x; I don't know about Opera and others.  (Try it!):

<BODY> <SCRIPT>document.write(('<BODY>'+document.body.innerHTML

This isn't quite valid HTML (it lacks a DOCTYPE declaration and a title), but you get the idea.

The next one is a pure JavaScript quine, works in both IE and Netscape, and doesn't include whatever HTML may surround it (Try it!):


Both of these work best with the interior line break removed.